Solar World Cinema is the driving force behind the solar powered mobile cinema, films and cinema initiative. Their objective is to use the abundantly available solar energy to bring unseen movies to unusual places for everyone to enjoy.

Solar Powered Vans

They use vans to carry local mobile cinemas from one location to another. These vans are fitted with solar panels on the roof and are 100% self-sufficient. The sunlight that is captured all day long is converted into energy to project the movie during the night. Without an external source of energy, the projector can run for up to 10 hours at a stretch.

Around the World

Solar World Cinema team is often seen organising screenings in open fields, grounds, parks, beach, and other outdoor spaces. After the ideation period, the first screenings were organised in the Netherlands where the locals were encouraged to watch unseen movies.

These screenings were the perfect opportunity for neighbours to come out and meet each other, and spend some quality time bonding over a good movie.

Soon more screenings started being organised in the rest of the world like Sahara Deserts, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia. There are still many places in the world where basic necessities, such as electricity, is still not available. Solar Powered Mobile Cinema makes it possible for people living in these areas to watch movies with their friends and family members. It is a great initiative.

Go Green Initiative

Maureen Prins, the owner and founder of Solar Powered Mobile Cinema initiative, is herself a filmmaker. These days, she is busy collaborating with local entrepreneurs to bring more vans to life, so that she can screen more unseen movies at unusual places.

She is also trying to tackle green issues by screening Go Green, a series of short films that educate people about green problems. Their objective is to raise awareness among the masses to use renewable sources of energy. A noble cause.