In this article, you will learn about the history of mobile cinema and how the whole concept of solar cinema in a truck came to be. Let’s begin:

Mobile Cinema

In layman’s language, a mobile cinema simply means cinema on wheels. But there is a lot of technology at work here. Since there is no traditional source of power, electricity has to be generated using solar panels that are fitted on the roof of the vehicle. The vehicle itself is usually a modified caravan that is used to house the screen and seats. There are lights and fans to complete the setup.

First Mobile Cinema

The First Car Film Festival was organised in the year 2007 in Florence. However, very few people know that the first ever mobile cinema was organised by Dziga Vertov. It was screened on a train in order to boost the morale and confidence of the troops who were fighting in the Russian Civil War.

Tony Benn, under the leadership of Harold Wilson who was working for the Labour Government, commissioned the construction of as many as seven mobile cinema units. The objective was to raise the standard of the Britishers and promote local industries.

An auction was later organised in the year 1974 where all the seven vehicles were sold. Most people thought that these mini theatres were later decommissioned, but one survived.

The Return of Mobile Cinema

Sir William McAlpine bought one which was later added to The Flying Scotsman tour. It was later donated to the Transport Trust in the year 1975 where it was kept for more than 15 years. Several private buyers took possession of this mobile cinema until at last, it was fully restored as a Vintage Mobile Cinema. It is now operating in South West of England.

Africans came up with their own mobile cinema concept back in the colonial periods. Instead of using caravans, they were using modified Land Rovers. So, now you know everything you need to know about their history.