Most of you have been to movie theatres and they are mostly bland and follow the same pattern. There is ordinary push back seats and then there are the slightly more expensive recliner seats.

But, not all theatres are made equal and some come installed with a bed! Yes, you read that right. Here are some of the most amazing and awesome movie theatres in the world:

Olympia Music Hall – France

Olympia Music Hall, situated in France, comes with double beds so you can enjoy a good movie with your significant other, or maybe just your best friend. Either way, the beds are large and comfy, and decorated with lamps on either side.

Sci-fi Dine-in Theatre – Disney Hollywood Studio

Instead of driving in your own car, Sci-fi Theatre comes with pre-installed with vintage cars in bright colors with plenty of light all around. Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studio, the drive-in is a hit, especially with the kids who love the concept.

Pula Arena, Croatia

Pula Arena is an amphitheatre located in Croatia that was built inside the ruins of a Roman Gladiator Arena. It was originally designed and built in 27 BC, and is one of the six largest surviving arenas in the world. These amphitheatres were used for gladiator fights, but modern men use it for watching movies.

Boat Movie Theatre in Paris

Yes, you are right again! Instead of the traditional seats and recliners, or even cars and beds, you are made to sit inside a boat to watch movies in here. They have built a large swimming pool where real boats have been placed to act as seats. Each boat can seat four people, two in the front and two in the back. You are made to wear life jackets, just in case you are too busy watching the movie to notice where you put your foot.