Are you looking to buy a home theatre system? Are you looking to create your own private little studio? Don’t worry because this guide has you covered.

How to buy a home theatre

The two most important aspect of a home theatre system is audio and video. If these two are lacking in any way, then you are going to be disappointed. Make sure to demo the sound system and the plasma TV before you make a buying decision. The picture should be crisp, and the sound should be mesmerizing. You don’t want the sound distortion otherwise it will ruin the whole experience. Get a quick demo of everything, and don’t be hesitant to ask questions.

How to setup a home theatre

Now that you have bought yourself the perfect home theatre system, it is time to install it. Whether it is a plasma TV or HD/UHD TV, it is a flat screen which means you can simply hang it on the wall. The unit will come with a mounting kit and screws that will help you secure the TV to the wall. Make sure that viewing distance is in accordance with the size and type of monitor.

Now you need to take care of the sound part which means you will have to place the woofer and the speakers in an appropriate place. The woofer should be placed on either side of the TV, either on the ground, or on an elevated platform.

The speakers, on the other hand, can be strategically placed in four different corners of the room. This will essentially give you a surround sound effect. You can create small shelves for them.

You have your home theatre setup and you are ready to binge watch Netflix, but there is still one thing that is missing. This is a solid Internet connection because most smart TVs will allow you to stream content locally or online, and for that, you will need a fast Internet connection.