Loft Cinema is a non-profit mobile cinema company that projects the names of their supporters on the big screen before the movie starts. Tucson has an independent movie theatre arm that is busy with the launch process of the solar powered mobile cinema. This is a first for the US which is also part of the International Solar World Cinema Network.


They are using a Ford cargo van to set up the solar panels and screens. The solar panels, fitted on the roof of the van, will be able to charge 10 batteries that will then power a projector and the sound system. The batteries are powerful enough to run the whole setup for a minimum of three hours.

The entire concept, which includes the projector, screen, and batteries, will cost Loft Cinema $50,000. Needless to say, their name will be projected on the top of the list before the movie gets started.

Spreading a Strong Message

In return, Loft Cinema will benefit from the message that they will spread, and they will also benefit by being able to put their brand in front of thousands of people.

The Solar World Cinema Network has its roots in the US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, and Croatia. They are not only entertaining people, but they also have sustainability and green energy on their agenda. They are pushing forward for environmental awareness which is a noble cause.


They also conduct workshops for children where they are educated about solar power and solar energy and encouraged to participate in the events. Curating independent and lesser known films and screening them in remote areas is a challenging task, but the team is more than a match for it. They are as passionate about these films as they are obsessed with green energy. It is no mean feat but a worthy one.