Sunshine Mobile Cinema hosted a series of free screenings of documentaries and films that educated adults and youngsters alike in the International Aids Conference that was held on 19-22 July in the year 2016.

Role of Women

The event was hosted by Qunu in association with Unaids in several townships near and around Durban. The whole event received help in the form of funding from Open Society Foundations Public Health Program.

There were several parts of the documentary that were taken straight out of another documentary named Nothing Without Us. The purpose of the documentary was to educate people on how women can help fight this deadly disease, and what their role is.

Impact of Social Gathering

Panel discussions were also organised with local and global change-makers. The event helped create an excellent platform for people from different walks of life to engage with the communities at large and understand the graveness of the issue. This event was especially targeted at people who were unable to attend the International Aids Conference that was earlier held in Durban. Members of the community were encouraged to come up with ideas on how best they can fight HIV-AIDS.

Several screenings were also organised in schools in order to educate the young minds of high school students. They feel that if the next generation is educated on the matter, then the disease can be controlled to a much greater extent. What if an entire generation was able to avoid getting infected? While the chances of that happening are slim, a lot of damage can be prevented if young minds are taught to have safer sex.

These small movies have been directed with different types of audiences in mind, from students to office goers and pretty much everyone else in between. The society needs more of such screenings in other cities. Hope they will continue their efforts.