Sunshine Cinema is another solar powered mobile cinema initiative that is turning heads where ever it drives. It is an alternative distribution platform. In their own words, their objective is to connect “change makers to wider networks” amplifying the voice of the ordinary people.

Awards and Accolades

Makhulu is the production company that is responsible for the birth of the project. Over the years, the project has won several awards, the most notable of which was for a film about a Zambian entrepreneur called Lloyd Maanyina. He was a charcoal burner responsible for cutting down thousands and thousands of trees. In his later years, he became a tree nursery owner.

Promoting energy sustainability became his life’s mission, and this is what drives the workforce behind Sunshine Cinema. The movie is shown to local communities across the world in an effort to promote energy sustainability as well as help people understand the benefits of renewable energy.

Humble Beginnings

The journey of Sunshine Cinema began in the year 2013 and within one year, they were receiving media attention. Soon, international brands began approaching them with offers and help. With the help of this new found exposure, they were able to raise enough capital in the seed round begin hosting events across the world. With the help of a successful crowd-funding campaign and the subsequent profits that they made, the team is now trying to cover as much ground as possible. They are a for-profit company that in the business of doing good.

They also host solar powered green events where the objective is to educate the participants on green issues. In an effort to be unique and quick, they came up with the concept of Sun Box. Everything needed to screen a movie can literally fit into a box which can be used to screen a movie for up to 50 people at once. On the other hand, their bigger program can host up to 150 people.